About Auto Problemz

Welcome to Auto Problemz.

My name is Andy Roberts, and my aim is to make automotive troubleshooting accessible to everyone, no matter your experience level.

Here, you’ll find in-depth articles on DTC codes, easy-to-understand guides on warning messages, and step-by-step tutorials on common automotive problems.

Being a car enthusiast since my teenage and having a career spanning over ten years in the auto repair industry, I’ve encountered just about every vehicle issue you can imagine.

The road to understanding your vehicle’s health shouldn’t be a bumpy one, filled with technical jargon and complicated procedures.

That’s why, here at Auto Problemz, I try to break down complex automotive issues into bite-sized, easily digestible articles.

You’ll find comprehensive guides on different vehicle issues that not only explain what they mean but also offer practical advice on fixing them.

Auto Problemz is more than just a website.

It’s a community of auto enthusiasts and DIYers who share a common goal: to gain independence from expensive dealership visits and to deepen our understanding of the machines we depend on daily.