How We Review Products

At, our commitment to delivering in-depth, trustworthy, and informative auto product reviews is second to none.

We understand that your vehicle is a significant investment, and your safety, comfort, and satisfaction are paramount.

Our review guidelines are designed to provide comprehensive evaluations and ensure the highest level of trust for our readers.

What We Do:

Here’s the majority of things we look for before featuring an aftermarket auto product on our pages.

Examine Product Regulatory Compliance

We prioritize your safety and compliance with relevant regulations.

Our team meticulously assesses whether the products under review meet safety standards established by all of the following institutions.

Gather User Feedback and Experiences

Transparency and authenticity are essential.

We depend on user reviews to gauge real-world experiences with the products to present a balanced view. We thoroughly analyze both positive and negative feedback and may proactively reach out to users for additional insights and details.

Check Brand History

A manufacturer’s track record is often a strong indicator of product reliability.

Before recommending a new product, our investigative team delves into the manufacturer’s and its products’ history.

We scrutinize different aspects such as:

  • Past voluntary recalls, if any.
  • Changes in ownership or manufacturing processes.
  • Brand affiliations and any attempts to conceal past issues.

Assess Product Quality and Performance

Our panel of automotive experts rigorously reviews product specifications, quality standards, and performance metrics.

We also consider data from independent tests, expert opinions, and hands-on testing to ensure that the products we recommend meet or exceed industry standards.

Consider Vehicle Compatibility

Recognizing that vehicles come in various makes, models, and years, we tailor our recommendations to address specific compatibility requirements and the unique needs of different car types.

Evaluate Marketing Claims Objectively

We analyze marketing materials provided by manufacturers and present an unbiased assessment of product claims.

This ensures that you have accurate and reliable information to make informed decisions.

Analyze Pricing and Value For Money

Our reviews encompass a wide range of budget options, value choices, and premium selections to cater to diverse budgets and preferences.

We also address specific car product categories, such as performance enhancements, eco-friendly options, or specialty items.

Review Accessibility

We recognize that easy access to any product is crucial.

Therefore, we thoroughly evaluate factors such as delivery times, costs, delivery coverage, and return policies, especially for readers living in far-off regions or with unique shipping needs.

Listen to Your Feedback

We highly value your input and feedback. At the conclusion of each article, we provide a rating widget where you can share your thoughts on the piece.

Your feedback serves as a vital tool for ongoing content improvement and ensures that we meet your expectations.

What We Don’t Do:

These are the things we’ll never do on Auto Problemz.

Sponsorship Fees for Editorial Independence

Our primary responsibility is to provide unbiased, honest recommendations free from external influences.

That’s why we maintain complete editorial independence and do not accept sponsorship fees from car product manufacturers.

Publish Unresearched or Unverified Content

Each of our articles undergoes a meticulous research process, ensuring that we do not make recommendations lightly.

Every product featured on our site has been extensively evaluated in accordance with our rigorous guidelines.

Contradict Professional Advice:

Your safety and well-being are paramount.

We adhere to the advice of automotive professionals, state agencies, and established safety standards.

If an auto product does not meet their approval, it will not appear on our site, regardless of personal opinions or beliefs. aims to be your trusted source for the most detailed and comprehensive car product reviews, allowing you to make well-informed decisions to enhance your vehicle’s performance, safety, and overall satisfaction.