How To Fix Service Trailer Brake System?

Service Trailer Brake System

The trailer brake system is one of the most underrated features in Chevy and GMC vehicles. That’s because not many owners use it (as they don’t have a trailer to attach). But those who use it can’t seem to live without it. For the latter, the ‘service trailer brake system’ message is not a good … Read more

Service DEF System, See Dealer

Service DEF System See Dealer

You’re driving the RAM 2500 truck, cruising on the road, and suddenly, this message appears on the instrument panel: “5 MPH Max Speed in 100 mi, Service DEF System, See Dealer.” Of all the warning messages that can appear on your RAM truck’s screen, this one is arguably the most troublesome, as you have to … Read more

Should You Switch to Synthetic Oil After 100K or 200K Miles?

Switch to Synthetic Oil After 100K Miles

There was a time when most car owners used to stick with conventional motor oil for their vehicles. But that time is long gone, and now synthetic oil is the go-to choice for almost every new car owner. And for good reasons. These oils give better lubrication, enhanced engine protection, more fuel efficiency, and improved … Read more

Why Is Your Alternator Getting Hot?

Why Is Your Alternator Getting Hot?

The alternator is one of the most overlooked components in any vehicle. As it’s located in the engine bay, many car owners don’t pay much attention to it when their vehicle is running fine. However, if you’ve ever diagnosed an issue in your car, you’ll know that it’s often related to the electrical system – … Read more

My Brake Pedal Is Stiff, And Car Won’t Start

My Brake Pedal Is Stiff And Car Wont Start

It’s morning time, and you’re about to start the car. There’s an important meeting to be attended, and you want to reach there before time. However, the car doesn’t start when you turn the ignition key, even after trying multiple times. You try to inspect the vehicle and find any possible reason for this issue, … Read more

Bad Fuel Pressure Regulator Symptoms

Bad Fuel Pressure Regulator Symptoms

Modern vehicles are a combination of hundreds of internal components. While many of these components, such as the fuel injectors, transmission system, ignition switch, etc., have a greater role, some are there to complete a smaller, specific task. The fuel pressure regulator falls under the second category. What Does A Fuel Pressure Regulator Do? The … Read more

Can Low Transmission Fluid Cause Overdrive Light to Flash?

Can Low Transmission Fluid Cause Overdrive Light to Flash

The automatic transmission system has a lot of internal moving parts that can overheat under load. If not prevented, this heat can wear down these parts quickly, resulting in transmission failure. This is where the transmission fluid comes into the equation. It circulates through the transmission system, absorbs the heat from those moving parts, and … Read more